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Robert Hooper - Fine Artist

Robert Hooper

Robert Hooper

Prescott , AZ - United States

Robert is an American watercolorist born in Yokosuka, Japan. He is pursuing his career in Fine Arts here in the United States. His award winning watercolors are exhibited in select Fine Art Shows and Galleries in the state of Arizona, where he currently resides with his family.

As a young child growing up in Japan, Robert lived near Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama, where he spent many of his days, feeding koi and looking for tadpoles in the lotus pond. Much of his inspiration today comes from recollecting images and experiences from this garden. During his school years, he was always fascinated with drawing and pencil sketching and became inspired by the paintings at his school art shows. Working with pencil and colored pencils, he learned the fundamentals which prepared him to discover the magic of watercolors! It is the only medium that 'moves'and inspires him today.
'There's nothing like painting with watercolors because the light source is already there, and it shines through the paint from underneath! The luminosity and the transparency is uniquely watercolor'

Robert is a self-taught artist, and feels the purest understanding of his own style must come through his own experimentation. His distinctive style of watercolor painting, using an intense and fluid palette, both on paper and canvas blends realism and abstract with spirit, energy, and serenity.

His recent watercolor paintings on Arches paper is a layer on layer color application of the primaries with a brush and usually with no mix of colors. The paintings are framed and displayed behind glass.

His watercolors on canvas are more abstract with a spontaneous and loose application of color. The watercolor paint is applied not with the brush contacting the surface, but with splatter, pouring and spraying using a hard bristle brush. This technique allows layering without the brush'lifting' the layer below and also the use of more different and opaque colors. The canvas paintings are displayed in a gallery wrap presentation and the surface is sealed with a UV and moisture protection fixative.




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